Sunday, March 10, 2013

Team lineup Dixie High School St. George Saturday March 23rd
Dixie high School 350 E 700 S. St. George Utah
Elite prep be there 9:30
lyical 10:30 in Auditorium
hip hop 3:01 in Gym
Energy be there 10:00
Lyrical 10:57 in Auditorium
Hip hop 3:o4 in Gym
Jr. prep be there10:15
lyrical 11:15 in Auditorium
Jazz 3:41 in Gym
Sr. Elite be there 12:15
Lyrical 1:15 in Auditorium
Jazz 3:53 in Gym
Ultimate Co. Be there 12:30
Jazz 4:15 in Gym
Lyrical 1:25 in Auditorium
Sweet n sassy be there 8:15
jazz 9:06 audi
lyrical 9:33 audi
Diamonds be there 8:15
Jazz 9:09 audi
Lyrical 10:28 audi
Pewees be there 8:30
Jazz 9:18 Audi
Lyrical 10:50 audi
Dynamite be there 8:45
lyrical 9:44 audi
Jazz 10:03 audi
Stars be there 9:00
Lyrical 10:01 Audi
Jazz 10:17 Audi
Mini co be there at 9:00
Jazz 10:06 Audi
Lyrical 10:23 Audi
Sr. Co Be there 10:30
Jazz 11:33Audi
Lyrical 12:56 Audi
Jr. Elite Be there 10:45
Lyrical 11:42 Audi
Jazz 12:53 Audi
Jr. Co. be there 12:00
Lyrical12:59 Audi
Jazz 1:39 Audi


*All Dances Competed before 12:00 Awards will be at 12:00 Including Overall High points for sweet n sassy, pewees, dynamite, diamonds, stars and Mini co.
* All dances competed after 12:00 will have awards at 4:30 including Overall High point awards for Jr. prep, energy, elite prep, jr. elite, Sr. Elite, Jr. Co, Sr. Co, and Ultimate Co.

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