Sunday, June 2, 2013

2013-2014 Competition Tryouts

 Competition Tryouts for next season will be on Monday June 10th and Wednesday June 12th. Dancers will need to come in proper dance attire with hair pulled back and ready to learn a very short routine as well as show their skills across the floor! Dancers must be 5 yrs old by Oct. 1st unless approved by Misty. We have Teams for every age and every level! Monday is for all beginning and intermediate team and Wednesday auditions are for Company teams. You have to have a clean triple pirouette and Fouettes and advanced skills to be on a company team!! If you tryout on Monday and we think you would be good on a company team we will let you  know!                                        Monday June 10                                                                     Wednesday June 12th

9:00 5-7 yr olds beginning                                                 9:00 5-7yrs  Advanced               

10:30 5-7 yr old Intermediate                                           10:00 8-11yrs Advanced

11:30 8-11 yr old beginning                                              12:30 12+ Advanced

1:00 8-11 yr old Intermediate

2:00 12+ intermediate

3:00 12+ Beginning

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