Friday, February 13, 2009

AHHHH What a Deal!

Ok so everyone knows I love to find a good deal right! Better than that I love passing them on. If you are planning on leaving for disneyland on April 12th (Easter) and wanted to stay a little more than halfway like us, I found a Hotel for $5/night. whenever we go to Disneyland we always stay in primm Valley one night at Buffalo Bills. While trying to book a room we looked at and they rooms are only $5/night. Primm is just 20 miles out of Vegas on the california, Nevada Border. It has a roller coaster and rides and stuff, we think it is pretty fun. We are also staying there on the way back for $5/night. I just thought I would pass the word along!!!


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  2. Misty, could you just let Becky know that Macklyn moved to the Wednesday tumbling class. Thanks!