Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thanksgiving point results!!!

The Overall High Point winners-Pewees Team!

Oh my Gosh! I cant believe how awesome we did for our first competition, especially against the most highly recognized Studios in the state! I am so proud of all the girls and I can not wait until the next competition! Here are the results!!

Sweet N Sassy
RESPECT 2nd place
Music and Me 1st Place

Sea Cruise 1st Place
I hope you dance 1st place and Novice overall high point out of 62 teams!!!

What I like about you 2nd place
Prayer of the Children 2nd Place

Oh so quiet 2nd place
Imagine 1st place and Beginning overall high point out of 70 teams!!

50's mix 1st place
Believe 1st place

Hero 2nd place
I'm Yours 1st Place

life is a highway 1st place
On top of the World 2nd Place

Cotton Eye Joe 2nd Place
Hold your Hand 1st place

Mercy 2nd place
If you can dream 1st place

Rich mans world 1st place
I got nothing 2nd place

Jr. Elite
Witch doctor 2nd place
Never alone 2nd place

Sr. Elite
Wild Party 1st place
Rock your soul 2nd place

ALSO,..... We won Overall Best Dance Studio in both the Novice and Beginning levels!

Congratulation Everyone!!!!! If anyone has pics send them to me please so I can post them.

Friday, February 20, 2009

This is my Cell # plug it in your phone incase you need me 801-718-6900

FINALLY! competition times

Thanksgiving point Competition

Friday Feb 27th solos, duets, and Trios

Be There 1hr prior to Performance time!

Cristen Davis 1:30
Dylainy and Megan 1:54
Sydnie and Kyra 2:03
Beginning Awards 3:15
Delilah Stutz 2:39
Kaylee Kohler 3:12
Kaycee Chamberlain 3:15
Brittney Dull 3:17
Katie Foote 4:00
Makelle Ericksen 4:21
Jessica, Ashleigh, &Baylie 4:50
Kailee & Taylor 5:06
Novice Awards 6:15
McKenna Morris 6:55
McKell & Whitney 8:56
Intermediate Awards 9:15
Saturday Feb 28th Teams
Jr. Elite
Be there 7:30 am
Perform : Witch Doctor 8:06 Never Alone 10:15
Be There 7:30 am
Perform: Mercy 8:10 Power of a dream 10:18
Sr. Elite
Be there 8:30 am
Perform: Wild Party 9:30 Rock your Soul 10:50
Intermediate Overall Awards 1:50
Sweet N Sassy
Be there 9:00 am
Perform: RESPECT around 9:30 is Music and Me around 10ish.
Be There 11:45
Perform: Sea Cruise 12:45 I hope you Dance 2:52
Be there 12:10
Perform: What I like about you 1:12 Prayer of the Children 3:00
Be there 12:30
Perform: Hero 1:30 I'm Yours 3:06
Be There 1:30
Perform Life is a Highway 2:26 Top of the world 3:15
Be there 2:30
Perform 50's Mix 3:29 Believe 3:35
Novice Overall Awards 5:00
Be there 3:00
Perform: Oh So Quiet 4:00 Imagine 6:12
Be There 3:15
Perform: Cotton eye Joe 4:15 Hold your hand 6:20
Be there 4:15
Perform Rich mans world 5:15 I've got nothing left 6:43
Beginning Overall Awards 8:15

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thanksgiving Point lineup!

The Thanksgiving point competition line up should be posted either Thursday or Friday. I will post them on here as soon as I get them. You can also check their website as well Go to thanksgiving point competition and then go to schedule! Each team will need to be there 1 hr prior to dance time!

Friday, February 13, 2009

AHHHH What a Deal!

Ok so everyone knows I love to find a good deal right! Better than that I love passing them on. If you are planning on leaving for disneyland on April 12th (Easter) and wanted to stay a little more than halfway like us, I found a Hotel for $5/night. whenever we go to Disneyland we always stay in primm Valley one night at Buffalo Bills. While trying to book a room we looked at and they rooms are only $5/night. Primm is just 20 miles out of Vegas on the california, Nevada Border. It has a roller coaster and rides and stuff, we think it is pretty fun. We are also staying there on the way back for $5/night. I just thought I would pass the word along!!!

Garment Bags for Sale!

Hey everybody I have 8 more garment bags for sale! They are $15. I have 3 black and pink polka dot and 5 plain black left. If you want to see them go to click on accessories, bags and they are item #BG15 and BG16. Let me know if you want one. They will be in the office Wed. or Thurs!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thanksgiving Point Competition updated schedule!

Ok so here is an updated schedule for the March 27th , 28th Thanksgiving point competition. I guess there has been more studios register for this competition than ever before so things have been changed drastically. I am sorry for those who have been trying to make plans and hopefully it won't change much more than this! If you have done competition before you know this is the worst part and it wont be the last change I am sure. I will do my best to keep you updated but please remember I have no control over what days or times we compete!

Friday February 27th
Novice, Beginning, Intermediate Solos/Duos/Trios
1:30 pm Doors Open
2:30 pm Beginning Solos/D/T=Cristen, Dylainy and Megan, Katie F, Sydnie and Kyra
4:00 pm Novice Solos/D/T=Brittney, Delilah, Jessica, Ashleigh, and Baylie, Kaylee and Taylor, Kaycee, Kaylee K., Makelle E,
5:30 pm Intermediate Solos/D/T=Mckell and whitney, Mckenna M.

Saturday February 28th
All Teams
7:30a Doors Open
8:00 am Intermediate Teams-Stars, Jr. Elite, Sr. Elite
12:00 pm Novice Teams-Sweet n Sassy, Pewee, Mini, Dynamite, Extreme, Expressions
3:30 pm Beginning Teams-Diamonds, Celebration, Energy

I should receive more specific times for solos, duets, trios, and Teams next Thursday or Friday and I will post them as soon as I get them!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Diamonds notice the Dress Rehearsal Change!

What an awesome performance Diamonds had on Friday! I do think we are ready to compete. Therefore I have cancelled Diamonds only, dress rehearsal on Sat the 21st! They will have their dress rehearsal for Lyrical only in class next week the 18th! please wear lyrical only and bring somthing to change into. We will be practicing jazz as well but I would rather not have feathers all over the place again!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mandatory Dress Rehearsal

Our First competition is coming up in 3 weeks.I am reposting his so that I am sure everyone has seen it. we need to have Dress Rehearsal and space. Each team will have the whole studio so that we can space out and they can feel comfortable. Also to be sure that everyone has exactly what they need for comp and that their hair is correct! Please refer to previous post for tights and shoes color!

Here are the dates for Dress rehearsal please advise this is a mandatory practice like all of them and it is very crucial that everyone is there!

Saturday February 21st:
10:00=Sweet n Sassy- Hair in curly bun
10:45= Pewees-Hair in curly bun
11:30=Dynamite- Hair in curly bun
12:15=Solo practice time
Tuesday February 24th: Jr. and Sr. Elite will not have Technique class on this day!
5:00= Minis-Hair in curly bun
6:00= SR. Elite-Hair in tight pony with twist at top
7:00= Jr. Elite-Hair in tight pony with twist at top

Wednesday February 18th
4:00=Diamonds=Wear Lyrical Costume only(Do not bring Jazz costume)-curly bun

Thursday February 26th: There will be no ballet class on this day!
4:00= Expressions-Hair in tight pony with twist at top
5:00= Extreme-Hair in curly bun
6:00= stars-Hair in tight pony with twist at top
7:00= celebration-Hair in low piggy tails for Jazz and tight pony with twist for lyrical
8:00= Energy-Hair in tight pony with twist at top

Please everyone come ready in Lyrical Costumes and bring your Jazz costume!
This is DRESS REHEARSAL meaning come dressed hair and all as if you were performing.

Competitions are coming Fast!!!!

our first competition will be in 3 weeks! yay! I am so excited! I know there are a few of you that feel like you need the extra practices and space for your solos, Duets, and Trio. I have a few days that you can come for open studio, meaning the studio will be open for you to come practice. These days are Mondays 2:00-3:00,Tuesdays 3:00-4, Wednesdays 2:15-4:00, Thursdays 2:15-4:00. I will not be able to help you for I will be teaching other classes but you are welcome to come and use the 2 end studios to practice. Also, on Wednesday February 25th I will be available for last minute help from 8:00-9:30 for those competing at Thanksgiving point only! These people are Brittney, Delilah, cristen, Dylainy, Megan, Jessica, Ashleigh, Baylie, Kailee, Taylor, Katie, Kaycee, Kaylee, Makelle, Mckell, Whitney, Mckenna, Sydnie, and Kyra. It might be a good Idea to wear costumes so that you can practice in them!
Please do not bring any other children that are not dancing!
Let me know if you will be coming during one of these times!