Friday, April 23, 2010

Open Dance Nationals Estimated Lineups May 14th and 15th

These are estimated times for when each category may begin. I will post more specific times when I recieve them the 1st week of may.
I can get as many spectator or discount ride passes as you need. I will give you a ticket that you will need to turn in at the sales window at lagoon to get your entrance pass. If you want to ride rides the tickets are $28.95. Please let your dancer know how may passes you will need. Spectator passes only are $10. Friday admission is free.

Friday May 14th **Novice and Intermediate Solos only**
Novice Solos 1:00-3:30
Intermediate Solos 4:30-7:00

Saturday May 15th
9:00 -Monday ballet, 2:30 ballet, 3:15 ballet, sweet n Sassy, pewees, Minis, Expressions, Dynamite

10:00 Beginning solos-Brittney, Taylor

2:00-Diamonds, Extreme, Celebration, Excite, Stars, Energy

3:00-Jr. Elite, Sr. Elite, Ultimate Co.

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