Wednesday, April 7, 2010

UDE 2010-2011 Competition Team Tryouts!

Tryouts for our Award Winning Competition Teams will be on Tuesday June 7th and Wednesday June 8th
Tuesday June 7th-for dancers who are at a novice or beginning level
9:00-8yrs to 11 yrs old
11:00-5yrs to 7 yrs
12:30- 12 yrs +
Wednesday June 8th-for dancers at an intermediate or Advanced level- Must have clean double preferably triples or quad Pirouettes. Must have very good Technique, fouettes, leaps, etc. This is an audition for our more advance teams!
9:00- 8yrs to 11 yrs
10:30 - 12 yrs +
For more more information or questions email us at


  1. Do you want Chloe to try out for the 8 to 11 or the 12yr? She will be 12 but not till August...

  2. Are the tryouts going to be on Monday and Tuesday or Tuesday and Wednesday because June 7th is a Monday? Kateylnn really wants to try out this year.