Saturday, May 8, 2010

May Newsletter
Message from Misty
We are now at the end of the winter/spring session and there is a lot going on. All of the dancers and Tumblers have been working so hard for the end of the year recital and are so excited to show their friends and family what they have learned. Please make this a big deal for your child because they are so excited and want you to be excited for them. There will be a lot of important information in this letter so please read it twice! I will also post it on our blog and website if you need to refer back to it. or . Thank you for all of your continued support and for helping make Ultimate Dance such a great studio.

Mandatory Dress Rehearsal
Mandatory Dress Rehearsal will be Friday May 21st at Willowcreek Junior High. Please make sure your child is in full costume and arrives 5 minutes before their scheduled time. Each class will only be practicing 10 minutes so please do not be late. This is very important so that they can get used to the stage and know where to stand before the Recital. Competition Teams will not have dress rehearsal for they have already had 5+ performances and do not need one.

3:10 Monday 10:00 ballet/tap 3-4 yrs Misty
3:20 Wednesday 2:30 ballet/tap 3-4 yrs Misty
3:30Wednesday 3:15 ballet/tap 4 yrs Misty
3:40 Monday 5:00 Ballet/Jazz 5-7yrs Katie
3:50 Monday 3:00 Ballet/Jazz 5-7 yrs Karen
4:00 Monday 2:15 Ballet/tap 3-4 yrs Misty
4:10 Monday 11:00 Ballet/Tap 3-4 yrs Misty
4:20 Thursday 2:30 ballet/tap 3-4 yrs Misty
4;30 Thursday 3:15 ballet/tap 4yrs Misty
4:40 Monday 4:00 Ballet/tap 8+ yrs Michelle
5:00 Wednesday 5:00 Ballet/tap 5-7 yrs Michelle
5:10 Wednesday 6:00 Ballet/Jazz 5-7 yrs Michelle
5:20 Wednesday 7:00 Ballet/Tap 6-9 yrs Michelle
5:30 Thursday 7:00 Hip Hop 7-11 yrs Kristin
5:40 Thursday 8:00 Hip Hop 12+ yrs Kristin
6:00 Tuesday 3:30 Tumbling 3-4yrs Kara
6:10 Tuesday 3:40 Tumbling 5-7yrs Kara
6:20 Thursday 4:00 Tumbling 8+ Kara
6:30 Friday 4:00 Tumbling Advanced Kara

Ultimate Dance Etc. 2010/2011 Competition Tryouts
Tryouts for our Award Winning Competition Teams will be on Thursday June 10th and Friday June 11thThursday June 10th -for dancers who are at a novice or beginning level9:00-8yrs to 11 yrs old11:00-5yrs to 7 yrs12:30- 12 yrs +Friday June 11th-for dancers at an intermediate or Advanced level- Must have clean double preferably triples or quad Pirouettes. Must have very good Technique, fouettes, leaps, etc. This is an audition for our more advance teams!9:00- 8yrs to 11 yrs
10:30 - 12 yrs +For more more information or questions email us at

Spring Recital
Spring Recital will be on Saturday May 22nd at Willowcreek Jr. High School. There will be no admission charge so invite all your family and friends. There will be no saving seats. It is in an auditorium so every seat is a good seat! There will be 2 shows so that grandparents and sibling will not have to sit through a 4 hour show. However, both shows will be different so you are welcome to come to both! I tried very hard to get families with multiple dancers in the same show. I came to find out it is absolutely impossible. So, I sincerely apologize if you have two children in separate shows. Listed below is what classes will be in what shows. These are not the order of the show.

Show A
Dancers need to be at Willow Creek ready to perform at 10:00 am Showtime is 10:30
Wed 2:30 Ballet/Tap 3-4 yrs Misty
Thursday 7:00 Hip Hop Kristin
Thursday 8:00 Hip Hop Kristin
Wednesday 5:00 Ballet/ Tap 5-7 yrs Michelle
Monday 3:00 Ballet/Jazz 5-7 Yrs Karen
Monday 2:15 Ballet/tap 3-4 yrs Misty
Sweet n Sassy
Monday 5:00 Ballet/Jazz 5-7 yrs Katie
Monday 4:00 Balle/Jazz 8+ yrs Michelle
Monday 10:00 Ballet/Tap 3-4 yrs Misty
Thursday 3:15 Ballet/tap 4yrs. Misty

Show B
Dancers and Tumblers need to be at Willowcreek ready to perform at 12:30 Showtime is 1:00
Thursday 2:30 Ballet/tap 3-4 yrs Misty
Jr. Elite
Sr. Elite
Ultimate Co.
Wednesday 7:00 Ballet/Tap 6-9yrs Michelle
Wednesday 6:00 Ballet/Jazz 5-7 yrs Michelle
Monday 11:00 Ballet/Tap 3-4 yrs Misty
Wednesday 3:15 Ballet/Tap 4 yrs Misty
Tuesday 3:30 Tumbling 3-4 yrs Kara
Tuesday 4:00 Tumbling/Cheer 5-7yr Kara
Thursday 4:00 Tumbling/Cheer 8+ Kara
Friday 4:00 Tumbling advanced Kara
Wednesday Pointe Class
Haylee (tap and Lyrical)
McKenna Brittney

Fall 2010 Registration
Registration for Fall 2010 will begin on Monday May 17th. The New Schedule will be online under schedules or on our blog Classes are limited and fill up fast! Register early to get the class you want. Tuition must be paid for in order for your spot to be saved. If you pay tuition in full and early you will receive the early bird discount. **All Tumbling Classes will need to register and pay through Tumbleweeds Gymnastics. All tumbling/Cheer and Gymnastics classes may have different rates and tuition due dates than the dance classes. 2nd Child discounts do not apply for these classes.**
Early Bird Discounts for Dance classes only. If registered and Paid by July 16th. You will receive 1 month free and no registration fees. Absolutely no refunds for cancellations. The fall session will begin Tuesday September 7th and go til December 10th with Dance showcase Performances December 13th-15th for non competitive classes.
*Option 1: Early Bird Discount-These prices are for the entire 4 month session if Paid by July 16th
45 Minute Classes $105
60 Minute Classes $120
2nd Class or Child
45 Minute Classes $100
60 Minute Classes $115

Summer Camp
Summer Camp will be Monday July 12th-Thursday July 15th. This is perfect for those who want to decide which style of dance or tumbling they like best or for those who want a little extra technique this summer!
3&4 yr olds 1 ½ hours/per day= $50 (includes ballet, jazz, tumbling, and snack)
5-7 yr old 2 hours/per day= $70 (includes ballet, jazz, and tumbling)
8-12 yr old 2 1/2 hours/per day= $85 (includes ballet, Jazz, tumbling, and Hip Hop)
Intermediate/Advanced $70/per day=$70 (includes ballet, Hip Hop, and Leaps and turns technique)

Class Pictures
Class pictures will be on Tuesday May 25th and Wednesday May 26th. Picture will be taken by a professional photographer Randy Colliers Photography. We are sending home packets this week with prices and order forms. Please have these packets filled out with a check when you come to pictures. Below are the dates and times for each class. Please arrive in costume 5 minutes before your scheduled time. Pictures will be taken at Ultimate Dance Etc. Studio. Packages start at $12 and any extras are $10.
Tuesday May 25th
3:40 sweet and Sassy
4:00 Pewees
4:20 Minis
4:40 Diamonds
5:00 Dynamite
5:20 Stars
6:00 Celebration
6:20 Expressions
6:40 Excite
7:00 Extreme
7:20 Jr. Elite
7:40 Sr. Elite
8:00 Ultimate Co.
8:20 Energy

Wednesday May 26th
2:30 Thursday 2:30 Ballet/Tap Misty
2:45 Thursday 3:15 Ballet/Tap Misty
3:00 Monday 10:00 Ballet/Tap Misty
3:15 Wednesday 2:30 Ballet/Tap Misty
3:30 Wednesday 3:15 Ballet/Tap Misty
3:45 Monday 11:00 Ballet/Tap Misty
4:00 Monday 2:15 Ballet/Tap Misty
4:15 Monday 3:00 Ballet/Jazz Karen
4:30 Thursday 7:00 Hip Hop Kristin
4:45 Thursday 8:00 Hip Hop Kristin
5:00 Monday 4:00 Ballet/Jazz Michelle
5:15 Monday 5:00 Ballet/Jazz Katie
5:30 Tuesday 3:30 Tumbling Kara
5:45 Tuesday 4:00 Tumbling/Cheer Kara
6:00 Wednesday 5:00 Ballet/Tap Michelle
6:15 Wednesday 6:00 Ballet/Jazz Michelle
6:30 Wednesday 7:00 Ballet/ Tap Michelle
6:45 Thursday 4:00 Tumbling/Cheer Kara