Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stadium of Fire Mandatory Practice Schedule

Mandatory Stadium of Fire Practices
Main Dancers-Brittney, Savanna, Kaitlyn, &Kailee
Jr. Dancers-Everyone Else
Monday June 7th
Jr. Dancers- 10:00-11:30
Main Dancers-11:30

Wednesday June 9th
Jr. Dancers 3:00-4:00
Main Dancers 4:00

Thursday June 10th
Jr. Dancers 2:00-3:00
Main Dancers 3:00

Friday June 11th ***TAPING**
Jr. Dancers 12:00
Main Dancers 1:00

Thursday June 24th
Jr. Dancers 11:00
Main Dancers 12:00

Wednesday June 30th
Jr. Dancers 3:00
Main Dancers 4:00

Thursday July 1st @ BYU North Practice Field
Junior Dancers 4:00-7:00
Main Dancers 7:00-10:00

Friday July 2nd @ BYU North Practice Field
Main Dancers 6:45am-12 noon
Junior Dancers 8:30am-12 noon
Main and Junior Dancers 1:45-5:30
Main and Junior Dancers 7:30-11:00 PM BYU Stadium (Come in Full Costume) Dress Rehearsal at BYU Stadium

Saturday July 3rd@BYU Stadium (Final Rehearsal)
Main Dancers 6:45am-12
Junior Dancers 8:15am-12
ALL DANCERS 6:15 PM Show Call Time-Meet in portals for roll call – Must be totally ready-costume, Props, Make-up, hair, attitude!!