Friday, April 22, 2011

Calendar for the rest of the session for Competition Teams!

Ok so since our last month of dance gets so crazy I wanted to lay out what to expect the rest of the session so you can put it on your calendars!
Week of April 25th-30th
April 25th-28th-Normal classes... I need costume fee from all of the girls in Pointe class for their costume!!! I really need to order them and I have only been paid by a few girls!
April 30th-Releve Dance Competition in Ogden-Madatory for all Competition Teams

Week of May 2nd- May 7th
May 2-5-Normal Classes
May 7th-America onstage Competition at Lagoon-Mandatory for all competition Teams

Week of May 9th-14th
May 9th-13th Normal Classes

Week of May 16th-21st
*Competition Team Pizza Parties* You may bring treats to share with your class if you wish!Come as follows:
Monday May 16-Sweet n Sassy party at 4:00
Stars and Elite prep only have ballet this day-NO Choreography!
Tuesday May 17- Ultimate co, Jr. Elite, Sr. Elite, Elite Prep, and Energy Party at 5:00
All will have Technique together at 6:00 *optional*
**Energy will not have their ballet this day, but may join in the technique class at 6!**
Wednesday May 18th-Diamonds, Pewees , Stars, and Minis will have their party at 4:00 *No normal class for these teams*
Normal Ballet for Ultimate, Sr. Elite and point
Thursday May 19th-Extreme, Celebration, and Expressions will have their party at 4:00
Their will be a combined Ballet Class for all three classes at 5:00!
Saturday May 21st-Spring Recital-Mandatory for all Competition Teams!

Week of May 23rd-28th-No normal classes-Fall registration Begins
Tuesday May 24th-Picture day for Competition Teams
Wednesday May 25th-Picture day for Non-competitive classes
Thursday May 26th-End of Session!! Thanks for a Great Year!!

other upcoming dates:
June 6th- Summer classes start
June 14th&15th-Competition Tryouts for 2011-2012
June 24th-Money due for summer slam Idaho camp!

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