Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ogden Competition!

Here is the lineup for the Ogden Competition next week. It is at the Val A. Browning Center at weber State University in the Austad Auditorium. This is mandatory for all competition teams!!!! Please Do not be late! Come ready to perform!
Also, There are some free master Dance classes for the dancers during the day being taught by Gev from SYTYCD. I will post times at the bottom!

Saturday April 30th
Sweet n Sassy Be there at 8:45
Baby Mine 9:35
Splish Splash 10:14

Peewees Be there at 8:45
Daughters Eyes 9:30
Can't wait to be king 10:46

Minis be there at 9:00
Hippy shake 9:45
Sugar Cane 11:02

Diamonds Be there at 10:30
Diamonds 11:25
one more moment 12:03

Extreme be there 8:45
Razzle Dazzle 9:39
Friend like you 10:18

Celebration Be there at 10:30
Hold your hand 11:30
Rock this town 12:12

Expressions be there 8:50
strongest suit 9:51
feels like home 10:31

Energy be there 2:00
look at me 3:06
cooler than me 3:28

Elite prep be there 3:30
give me one reason 4:32
Lost 4:59

Stars be there 10:00
So small 10:52
Mambo Italiano 12:03

Jr. Elite be there 3:00
Surrender 4:07
Le Jazz Hot 4:37

Sr. Elite be there 3:45
Jungle Drum 4:47
Breakable 5:07

Ultimate Co. be there 2:30
Suzy 3:23
Glitter 3:48

Master classes with Gev:
These take place in the Allred theatre
8-9:15 am 7yrs-11yrs
11-12:30- 12 yrs +
There are also meet and greets with Gev right after the master clases!

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