Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lagoon Competition Line up Saturday May 7th

here are the Times for the Lagoon Competition this saturday May 7th. Please Remember to give yourself extra time to wait in line to get in and to walk through the park to the stages. Please Be sure you are at the dressing room (located next to the stages) ready to perform at the designated times. This Competition moves pretty quick so we need to be sure we are ready to go! The stages are at the North end of Lagoon behind the flying Aces ride! Be sure to go to and print off your passes to turn in at the ticket window. all competitors and spectators need a pass.

There will be a short 15 min Dress Rehearsal for the Monday 9:30/10:30 and wed/Thursday 3:15 classes On Friday May 4th at the Studio!
Monday 9:30/10:30 3-4yrs Witch Dr.-11:45
Wed/ Thursday 4yr olds- 11:30

Sweet n Sassy be there at 1:15 Canyon pavilion
Splish Splash 2:07
Baby Mine 2:27

Pewees Be there at 1:30 Canyon Pavilion
Daughters eyes 2:27
Lion king 3:18

Minis be there at 1:20 Canyon Pavilion
Hippy Shake 2:20
sugar cane 2:36

Diamonds Be there at 11:30 Davis Stage
Diamonds 12:20
One more moment12:57

Monday 9:30 and 10:30 Ballet/Tap class 3-4yrs be there at 8:00 am canyon pavillion
Witch Dr. 8:44

Stars be there at 8:15 davis stage
Mambo italiano 9:06
so Small 11:13

Celebration be there 9:10 canyon pavillion
Rock this town 10:02
Hold your hand 1:32

Energy be there at 9:45 canyon pavillion
cooler than me 10:43
Look at me 1:58

Expressions Be there 11:30 Davis Stage
Strongest suit 12:23
Feels like home 1:00

Wednesday/Thursday 3:15 Ballet/Tap- 4 yr olds be there 11:30 canyon Pavillion
Reflections 12:25

Elite Prep be there at 11:30 Davis Stage
Give me one reason 12:32
Lost 1:12

Ultimate Co be there 1:00 davis stage
Suzy 2:09
Glitter 4:38

Sr. Elite be there 1:00 davis stage
Jungle Drum 2:09* before suzy*
Breakable 6:05

Extreme be there 1:15 canyon pavillion
Razzle Dazzle 2:16
friend like you 2:45

Jr. elite be there 2:30 Davis stage
Le Jazz hot 3:29
Surrender 4:38

Places are posted on the wall about 20 min after the category is done! Overall awards are given on the stage!
4:37 Novice Awards (sweet n sassy, pewees, minis, extreme, celebration, energy) on Canyon
3:12 Beginning Awards (Diamonds, Expressions, Elite Prep, Stars) on Davis Stage
7:30 Intermediate Awards (Jr. Elite, Sr. Elite, Ultimate Co.) on Davis Stage


Davis stage
Friday May 6th
4:50 Brittney
4:50 Toshina
5:25 Kyra
5:50 Shantel
7:40 McKenna

Saturday May 7th
6:00 Dylainy Canyon stage
6:27 Cherity Canyon Stage
6:47 Ella and Sariah Davis Stage
7:22 Tylar Canyon stage
7:34 Riley Davis Stage
8:06 Mckenzie Davis stage
8:09 Jordan Davis Stage

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