Sunday, May 15, 2011

Year end newsletter and info

Year End Newsletter
Ultimate Dance Etc.
Note from Misty
I can’t believe how fast this session has flown by! These Next 2 weeks will be very busy so please read this note thoroughly so that you will be in the right place at the right time! All of the classes are just perfecting their dances to show you at the big “Spring Recital” this weekend, it is always such a fun time of year for them! Thank you for all your support that has made this year such a great one!

Fall Registration
Fall Registration will begin Monday May 23rd I will be in the office that week during the following times:
Monday May 23rd- 3:00-5:00
Tuesday May 24th-2:30-8:00
Wednesday May 25th- 2:30-8:00
Thursday May 26th-9:30-11:00
Please Remember registration is on a first come first serve basis and we always fill up Fast!
The Fall session will begin on Tuesday September 6th and is a 4 month session. To receive the early bird discount (1 month free) Tuition is due before July 15th. No registration spots will be held unless tuition is paid for! Tuition is as follows If paid for in full before July 15th (No refunds)
45 Minute-$105/ Session
1 hour - $120/Session

Competition Teams
Congratulations to
our Competition Teams for such a great year we did amazing at Nationals! We had almost all 1st places as well as 3 Overall High points in Teams, 3 Overall High Points in Solos, Best overall dance studio in Novice, Beginning, and Intermediate levels! I am so proud of all of our dancers!
Tryouts for our 2011-2012 teams will be on June 14th and June 16th!
Tuesday June 14th- Intermediate/Advanced teams
10:00- 8-10 yrs
11:00- 11 and older
Thursday June 16th
10:00 5-7 yrs
1:00-11 and older

All Classes should have received costumes! If not please contact the studio!

Dress Rehearsal
Dress rehearsal for all non-Competitive classes is Friday May 20th at Willow Creek Jr. High times are as follow:
3:20Monday 9:30 3 yr old class–misty
3:30Wednesday 2:30 3-4 yr old class-misty
3:40Thursday 3:15 4 yr old class-misty
3:50Monday 10:30 3-4 yr old class-misty
4:00Wednesday 3:15 4 yr old class-misty
4:10Monday 2:15 3-4 yr old class-misty
4:20Monday 3:00 5-7 yr ballet/Jazz class-Karen
4:30Monday 5:00 5-7 yr old class Ballet/Jazz-Katie
4:40Monday 5:00 8+ Ballet/Jazz-Michelle
4:50Wednesday 5:00 5-7 yr old Ballet/Tap-Michelle
5:00Wednesday 6:00 5-7 yr old Ballet/Jazz-Michelle
5:10Wednesday 7:00 level 2 ballet/Jazz-Michelle
5:20Thursday 7:00 7-11 yr Hip Hop-Kristin
5:30Thursday 8:00 12+ yr Hip Hop-Kristin
Please arrive at lease 5 minutes prior to your assigned time!

Picture Day
Picture day will be on Tuesday May 24th and Wednesday May 25th
Pictures will start at $15 please arrive 5 minutes prior to time assigned. If you are late you may not make the picture! Competition teams please wear Lyrical costume first and bring Jazz!
Tuesday May 24th
3:30-Moneday 10:30 ballet/tap Misty & Wednesday 2:30
4:00-Sweet n Sassy & Minis
5:00 Sr. Elite & Extreme
5:45 Ultimate co. &Jr. Elite
6:30 Stars & Celebration
7:15 Expressions/&Elite Prep

Wednesday May 25 th
3:30- Monday 9:30 ballet/tap misty & Thursday 3:15 ballet/tap Misty
4:00 Monday 2:15 Ballet/tap Misty & Wednesday 3:15 Ballet/tap Misty
4:30 Monday 3:00 Ballet/Jazz Karen & Monday Ballet/ Jazz 5:00 Michelle
5;00 Monday 5:00 Ballet/Jazz Katie & Wednesday Ballet/ Tap 5:00 Michelle
5:30 Wednesday Ballet/Jazz 6:00 Michelle & Thursday Hip Hop 7:00 Kristin
6:00 Wednesday Ballet/Jazz 7:00 Michelle & Thursday Hip Hop 8:00 Kristin

Spring Recital
Spring Recital is on Saturday May 21st at Willow Creek Jr. High below is listed the order of each show, so if you have a dancer in more than 1 class or dance please be aware of your costume
changes! Please arrive ready to perform! There will be no taping off or saving of seats ahead of time. Please be courteous of others and make this a special day for your dancers!!
Recital is Free admission! However, We will have a donation Jar for the Mack family. The Macks are a family in our community who has recently lost the Mother of the family unexpectedly. They are a former part of the Ultimate Dance Family. They have 3 small children.
Show A Be there at 10:15 show will begin at 10:45
Mambo Italiano-Stars
Witch Doctor-Monday 930 misty
Baby Mine-Sweet n Sassy
Rainbow Connection-wed 2:30 misty
Suzy-ultimate co.-
Reflections-wed 3:15 misty
Strongest Suit-Expressions
Daughters eyes-Pewees-
Cooler than me-Energy
Megan Hibbert
Wednesday 6:00 Michelle
Lost- Elite Prep
Monday 5:00 ballet/Jazz Katie
McKenna Morris
Razzle Dazzle-Extreme
Monday 5:00 Michelle
Brittney Dulle
So small-stars
Splish Splash-Sweet n Sassy
Look at me-Energy
Give me one reason-Elite prep
Feels like home-Expression
Can’t wait to be king-Pewees
Friend like you-Extreme
Dylainy Hansen
Glitter in the air-Ultimate co.

Show B Be there at 12:30 show will begin at 1:00
1. Diamonds-Diamonds
2. Tylar Hansen
3. Witch Doctor-Monday 10:30 misty
4. sugar Cane-Minis
5. Rainbow Connection-Monday 2:15 misty
6. Hip Hop 7:00
7. Breakable-Sr. Elite
8. Reflections-Thursday 3:15 misty
9. Rock this Town
10. Wednesday 5:00 Michelle
11. Kyra Geertsen
12. Ella Shippen
13. Surrender-Jr. Elite
14. Kaycee Chamberlain
15. Monday 3:00 Karen
16. Shantel Jensen
17. McKenzie Metcalf
18. Wednesday 7:00 Michelle
19. Toshina Young
20. Pointe
21. Sariah Geertsen
22. Hold your Hand-Celebration
23. Riley Robertson
24. Le Jazz Hot
25. Hip Hop 8:00
26. Hippy Shake-Minis
27. One more moment-diamonds
28. Jungle Drum-sr.Elite


  1. FYI You put "Monday" May 21st on there instead of Saturday for the recital.

  2. Do we have normal dance this week, or just the dress rehearsal and recital? Thanks. Stacy Cardon

  3. Yes we have normal classes for the noncompetitive classes!