Sunday, April 29, 2012


Great job everyone at the Spanish fork Competition! Everyone did very well! Thank you to all of those who are always on time and ready to compete! Although, I was very dissapointed in how many dancers were late!!! It is very stressful to me and the other dancers when someone on their team is late. When I post a time to be at the competition, I am meaning be there in the dressing room ready to perform. Not pulling in the parking lot in jeans with your hair not done. It is very important that the dancers have time to focus, stretch and practice their dances before going on stage. Lagoon is ALWAYS  ahead of schedule so please DO NOT be late this weekend! Please keep in mind that we are making note everytime dancers are late to both competitions and classes and who comes in appropriate attire and it will affect the outcomes of competition teams next year!
The times below are the times dancers need to be ready to perform in/by the dressing room!
Please leave extra early so that you dont run into traffic and crowds getting in the park. The early competitors took at least 30 minutes to get through the gate last year and it takes at least 10 minutes to walk through the park to the stages/dressing room. So please plan accordingly! Thank you for all your time and effort you put into your dancers, I really love them as my own and love teaching them!

VERY IMPORTANT!!!....To get into lagoon you willl need passes that you download and print off the website.   This is our only competition of the year that there is an admission fee. I believe it is $10 for spectators with a spectators pass and competititors get in for free with a competitors pass. Those do not include rides. If you are wanting to ride the attractions you will just need to get a ride pass which is discounted at $30. EVERY PERSON will either need a spectator, competitor or discount ride pass to get into Lagoon! See you there I am so excited, I know UDE will Rock Nationals!!!!

Friday May 4th Davis Stage
4:22 Sariah
4:34 Kyra
5:03 Dylainy
5:25 Tosh
5:59 Tosh and Shanny
6:38 Shanny
6:51 McKenna
Awards around 7 ish

Saturday May 5th
Celebration Be there 8:00 am Davis
Sassy Girls 9:00
Hallelujah 9:14

Tuesdday 10:15 and Wed 3:15 Ballet/tap 4 ye olds be there 12:30 Canyon stage
Ordinary miracle 1:26
Monday Ballet/tap 9:30 and 10:30 be there 8:15 canyon stage
Devil in disguise 9:14

Sweet n Sassy be there 8:15 Canyon Stage
Tutti Frutti 9:20
Music and me 1:26

Stars Be there 8:20 Davis Stage
Oh so quiet 9:20
One voice 12:16

Jr. Prep Be there 8:30 Davis stage
Brighter than the sun 9:35
Wont let go 12:19

Minis Be there 9:00 canyon stage
Party party 10:00
Let them be 1:49

Diamonds  be there 9:00 Canyon Stage
Doo whap dee do 10:00
Somewhere out there 1:49

Jr. Elite be there 9:00 Davis stage
The way you look tonight 10:00
Breaking dawn 12:30

Expressions be there 10:00 Canyon stage
Trouble 11:00
I'll be watching you 2:21

Pewees be there at 11:oo Canyon stage
Yo ho 12:11
God help the outcast 1:26

Elite Prep be there 12:15Davis Stage
1:24 Ive got nothing left
One 2:43

Ultimate Co. Be there 1:45 Davis stage
One wild night 2:56
The Rose 4:45

Sr. Elite be there 3:00 Davis stage
King of new york 4:00
I believe 4:45

Davis stage
Mckenzie M 6:17
Morgan 6:34
Sage 6:34
Rylee 7:00
Mattie 7:50
Samantha 8:19
McKenzie C 8:19
Hailie 8:19
Genae and Sydney 8:54

Quad be there 8:00PM Davis Stage
Cell Block Tango 8:57
Water over fire 9:16

Overall Awards
Solos, duos, trios 8:20 pm
stars, Elite prep, Jr. Prep, Jr. Elite 3:20
 sweet n sassy, pewees, minis, diamonds, celebration, expressions 4:20
Sr. Elite, Ultimate Co. 6:20



  1. Hi Misty,

    I don't see the time for the Wednesday 3:15, 4-year-old class. I thought that on the previous Lagoon post that it was somewhere around 1. Is this correct?

    Thanks! (0:

  2. Hey Misty,

    Mikki and I decided that the trio isn't going to compete at Lagoon. We meant to tell you yesterday but totally spaced it! I will get the music back to you on Thursday if that's okay?!


  3. oops Wed 3:15 is still at 1:26 so be there 12:30!

  4. If you print off the coupons here are the new prices.
    Rides are 30.95+tax
    Spectator Pass is 11.00+tax
    Parking is 4.00+tax