Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nationals Lagoon Competition Team Line ups

Its Nationals time! For those who have competed before you know this is a crazy competition and for those who haven't........Welcome to Chaos!
This is a Huge competition there will be 100's of studios from many different states and thousands of dancers. There are 2 stages that we are dancing on so please be aware of what stage you are performing on!
Everyone needs to meet on the west side of the dressing room which is located south of the canyon stage and east of the davis stage. be there ready in costume, hair and make up at the time given! Please keep in mind it takes at least 15 minutes to get to the stages from the parking lot and the early teams it took 1hr. to get through the gates and to the stage so please plan accordingly. PLEASE DO NOT BE PULLING INTO THE PARKING LOT AT YOUR TIME GIVEN!!!
All tickets to get into lagoon are on line! I do not have anything to give to you, you have to get them online!
go to click on the lagoon pass link and purchase the ticket you need. There are 3 different kinds. 1. competitors pass( free does not include rides) 2. Spectator pass ($11 does not include rides 3. Discounted ride pass(for those who want to ride rides $31.95) you can either print the coupon out or pay online and not have to wait in the lines. Lines can get rather long.
For solos on Friday the rides are not open so you can just walk in at no charge.
you can also print out discounted parking passes as well!
Thanks for such a great Competition season! We were National Champs last year lets do it again!!!!!!

Sweet n Sassy be there 7:45 am Canyon
Jazz 8:50
lyrical 2:15

Pewees be there 8:00 am
Jazz 9:00 am Davis
lyrical 2:15 canyon

dynamite be there 8:05 am Davis
Jazz 9:05
lyrical 9:26

Diamond be there 1:00 Davis
Lyrical 2:00
 jazz 4:25

Stars be there 9:00 am Davis
jazz 10:00
Lyrical 2:00

Mini Co. be there 3:45 Davis
Jazz 4:45
Lyrical 7:45 pm

Jr. Prep be there 9:30 am Davis
Jazz 10:30
Lyrical l2:20

Energy be there 12:40 Canyon
Hip hop 1:40
lyrical 2:59

Jr. Elite be there 11:45 Davis
lyrical 12:45
Jazz 1;06

Jr. Co Be there 3:45 davis
Jazz 4:45
lyrical 7:48 pm

Elite prep Be there 1:00 canyon
Hip hop 2:00
lyrical 3:34

Sr. Co be there 4:00 davis
Jazz 5:00
lyrical 8:00 pm

Sr. Elite be there 4:00 davis
Jazz 5:00
Lyrical 6:25

Ultimate co be there 9:00 pm davis
Jazz 9:54
Lyrical 10:04

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