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Non-competitive classes May Newsletter

Ultimate Dance Etc. May Newsletter
Message from Misty
I can’t believe we are just a few weeks away from our big Recital! The dancers have been working so hard on their routines and are so excited to show their family and friends! Please do not miss any classes this month for it is hard for the teacher to clean and space  the dances with missing dancers!  There is a lot of important information in this note so please read carefully!!!
Thank you so much for all of your support and for making UDE the best!!
All Costumes are in and have been tried on and handed out to the dancers. If you have not received yours it is because either you were gone that day or you still owe $40 for the costume! All left costumes are in the office.
Summer and Fall Registration
Registration will begin on May 6th for both summer and Fall There will be a schedule for both on our blog at as well as on our Facebook page.
2013-2014 Competition Tryouts
Come be a part of our Award winning Competition Teams!! Competition Tryouts for next season will be on Monday June 10th and Wednesday June 12th. Dancers will need to come in proper dance attire with hair pulled back and ready to learn a very short routine as well as show their skills across the floor! Dancers must be 5 yrs old by Oct. 1st unless approved by Misty. We have Teams for every age and every level! Monday is for all beginning and intermediate team and Wednesday auditions are for Company teams. You have to have a clean triple pirouette and Fouettes and advanced skills to be on a company team!! If you tryout on Monday and we think you would be good on a company team we will let you  know!

Monday June 10                                           Wednesday June 12th
9:00 5-7 yr olds beginning                              9:00 5-7yrs  Advanced               
10:30 5-7 yr old Intermediate                         10:00 8-11yrs Advanced
11:30 8-11 yr old beginning                            12:30 12+ Advanced
1:00 8-11 yr old Intermediate
2:00 12+ intermediate
3:00 12+ Beginning
Summer Camp
Summer Camps will be June 24th-27th
And July 8th-11th
9:30-11:00- 3-4yr They will be learning ballet/Jazz and Tumbling $50
10:00-11:30- 5-7yrs They will be learning Ballet/Jazz and Tumbling $50
11:00-1:00 8-11ys beginning  They will be learming Ballet/Jazz, Hip hop, and Technique $65
11:00-1:00 8-11yrs Intermediate they will be learning Ballet/jazz Technique and Hip hop $65
If 12yrs + Talk to Misty
*To View Regular Summer schedule please see Our Facebook Page in the notes section
Spring Recital and Dress Rehearsal
Dress Rehearsal for all Non-competitive class are on Friday May 17th at Ultimate Dance Studio. Class Pictures will be immediately after each rehearsal. Dress rehearsal Mandatory!! Picture Purchase is optional. Dancers must come in full costume with hair and makeup done! All girl dancer will need their hair sides up and bangs back and curly. All Ballet /jazz and Ballet /Tap classes will need White tights and pink ballet shoes except for Ms. Michelles class. Ms. Michelles classes will be wearing Tan tights that I will give them next week. All Hip hop classes will need street workout shoes. The following is the time each class needs to be there for rehearsal:
4:00 Karens Monday 3:00 Ballet/Jazz                        5:30 Tuesday 9:30 Ballet/Tap
4:15 Wednesday 3:15 Ballet/Tap 2                             5:45 Tuesday 10:15 Ballet/Tap
4:30 Monday 2:15 Ballet/tap                                      6:00 Monday 10:30 ballet/Tap
4:45 Michelle wed Ballet/Jazz 6:00                            6:30 Kristin Monday 5:00 ballet/Jazz
5:00 Michelle Monday 5:00 Ballet/Jazz                      6:45 Kristin Thursday 7:00 Hip Hop
5:15  Monday 9:30 Ballet/tap                                     7:00 Kristin Thursday 8:00 Hip Hop
Please arrive 5 minutes early so that we can start their rehearsal right on their call time!
There will be two recitals on Saturday May 18th One show is at 11 the other is at 1:30 Each class is only in one show.The Recital will be held at Willowcreek Middle school in the Auditorium. Each show will last about 1 ½ hrs. Here is a list of what teams/classes are in which Recital. These are not in the order of the show just who is in which show. As you may not know it is extremely hard to put together a successful show and there are a lot of different things that go into planning a recital. I did try my hardest to keep families in the same show, but it is impossible to please everyone. Please do not complain and moan if you are not with the people you wanted to be with. Please make this a positive experience for your dancer! This is not final, and may change some if I see a need to change it. Thanks you for your wonderful support I am sure you will love seeing your dancers light up the stage!!!

Show A
 be there at 10:30 Show starts at  11
Sr. Co
Jr. Co
Sr. Elite
Sweet n Sassy
Michelle Monday 5:00
Michelle Wednesday 6:00
Karen 3:00 Monday Balle/Jazz
Tuesday 10:15 Ballet/tap
Monday 9:30 Ballet/tap
Tuesday 9:30 Ballet/tap
Show B
 be there 1:00 Show starts at 1:30
Ultimate Co
Mini Co
Pointe Class
Jr. Elite
Jr. Prep
Elite Prep
Thursday 7:00 Hip hop
Thursday 8:00 Hip HOp
Kristin Monday 5:00 ballet/jazz
Wednesday 3:15 Ballet/jazz
‘Monday 10:30 ballet/Tap
Monday 2:15 Ballet/Tap 2:15
*Admission is Donation only to our Charitable Recipients
*Flowers will be sold at our Recital for the dancer

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