Saturday, January 10, 2009

Competition News!

Message From Misty
Welcome back everyone! We are now entering the season we have all been working so hard for, COMPETITION TIME! I am so excited I can hardly sleep at night! I am so proud of all 12 teams. Every team has learned both of their dances. We are so much further ahead of where we were this time last year. Last was such a great year and we did so well at competition that I cant even imagine how much fun this year will be! It is now the time where we work so hard and try to do the best of our abilities. I can’t wait for you all to see how far these girls have come and how much they have grown!

Every class time is so critical. Unlike other studios we only have the girls come for 1 to 3 hours a week. Therefore, we use every minute to its fullest. We will now start cleaning and polishing all of the dances. With competitions so early this year we don’t have much time so it is so critical that the dancers do not miss class. Please be sure to have your dancer come on time and dressed appropriately to every class.

We are getting in costumes weekly. Please be aware of the girls bringing their costumes home. I have already sent home half of the costumes and the other costumes will be here within the next 3 weeks. These costumes will need to be worn a lot so please keep them in a nice place and do not let the girls play in them til after competition season is over!

Competition Fees
Competition fees are now past due! Please give your competition fee of $155 to Misty or Alicia in the office. If fees are not paid the dancer will not dance. Remember all Competitions are Mandatory and there are no refunds!
Disneyland Performance
We need a final count for all Competition Dancers going to perform at Disneyland by January 14th. Tickets after taxes are $104/per person. They will receive a backstage pass and a t-shirt as well. Please tell Misty or Alicia in the office so that we can get a final count(even if you did before the break, please let us know for sure that you are going). We also need a count of family members or friends that are going so that we can get them tickets as well. They are also $104/per person. These are for 2 day Park hopper passes. All money for Tickets are due by February 2nd. I will not order you passes if you have not paid for one. We will have practices on Saturday starting in February to practice for the Disneyland Performance. Please look for a note towards the end of January!

St. George Competition
Change your Calendars! St. George Competition has changed to April 4th with solos and duets being on April 3rd. I have cancelled all Rooms at Holiday Inn and booked new rooms at the La Quinta Inn for $74 if you would like to stay there! The Phone # to book your room is 435-674-2664 .Tell them you are with Ultimate Dance Etc. and you can ask for Anthony.

Thanksgiving point competition
Please Remember the Thanksgiving point competition is on February 28th. I will not get lineups til the week before. I will let you know as soon as they let me know what time we will compete.

Costume accessories
I have had a lot of questions on what color tights and shoes each team needs so here is it is. We sell all of the items in the dance studio at a discounted price. Tan tights and gore shoes have to be revolution brand so that they are the same color for everyone. Black gore shoes and white footed tights you can get anywhere but, it is probably the least expensive to just get it through us. Please order with Alicia in the office. Gore shoes are $20 tights are $7.
Sweet and Sassy
Music and Me- white tights and pink ballet shoes
Respect- Tan tights and Tan Gore shoes
I hope you dance- white tights and pink ballet shoes
Sea Cruise- Tan tights and Tan Gore shoes
Prayer of the children- White convertible tights, no shoes
What I like about you-Tan tights and Tan Gore shoes
Imagine-White convertible tights, no shoes
Oh So Quiet-Tan Tights, Tan Gore shoes
I believe-White convertible tights , no shoes
50’s Mix-Tan tights tan Gore shoes
I’m yours- Tan stirrup tights no shoes
Hero-Tan Stirrup tights, Tan Gore shoes
Hold your hand-Tan Stirrup tights, no shoes
Cotton Eye joe-White tights, Black gore shoes
Top of the World-Tan Stirrup tights, no shoes
Life is a highway-Tan Stirrup tights, Tan Gore shoes
I got nothing left-Tan Stirrup tights, Foot undeez
Rich mans world- Hobos= any color shoe Rich man=black tights black gore shoes
Power of a dream-Tan stirrup tights, Foot Undeez
Mercy-foot undeez
Jr. elite
Lyrical-Tan stirrup tights, Foot Undeez
Witch doctor-Talk to misty
Rock your soul-Tan stirrup tights, Foot Undeez
Wild Party-Tan stirrup tights, black fishnet tights, black gore shoes

No Classes
January 19th-Martin Luther King Day
February 16th -Presidents Day


  1. Where do you have reservations for at Disneyland? We're trying to decide whether to go or not. We need a kid suite (the joy of so many kids) I was going to call and see if they offer them.

  2. We are at the Best Western Anaheim plaza inn. I think their suites are all taken but you can call and see. There is also the Castle Inn next door and the Anaheim plaza suites 2 doors down! Those are good size rooms!