Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Disneyland count! make sure your names on it if you are going!

Ok So here is my count of who is going to perform in Disneyland. If your name is not on it and you are going please let me know in the comments. If your name is on the list and you are not going let me know as well! I know I am missing people!! sorry if your name is spelled wrong!
Sweet n Sassy
Alyssa Hazard
Paige anderson

Caroline Peterson
Keeli Shakespear
Allie Wendel
Meghann Smith
Makayla Shattuck
Eliza Waddell
Josie Bassett
Lexi Bergmann
Shadie Davis
Kodi Steele
Hannah Reid
Keeli Shakespear
Tatum Bates
Jasmine Parker

Delilah Stutz
Hannah Smith
Kaylee Kohler
Allison Furse
Sloan Riding
Rylee Marrott
Vanessa Melena
Brookelle Shakespear
Bailey Herbert
Chelsea Hayes
Lynsea Hayes
Jordan Seegmiller

Kaisha Rose
Kiley Hazard
Hailey Macey
Samantha Westwood
Chloe Byrd
Ansley Beck
Maddie Fisher

Kaitlyn Rose
Shaylee Brown
Kassidy Krause
Courtney Hubbard

Kailee Rose
Maddie Seegmiller
Hunter Bates
Kylie Krause
Maddie Beck

Riley Robertson

Mallory Ferkovich
Alexandra Degn
Baylie Reid
Emma Waddell

Jr. Elite
Brittney Dulle
Brecca Bastian
Mckenna Morris
Haylee schoonover

Sr. Elite
Katie Foote
Mckelle Finch
Taylor Seegmiller

I will post Rehearsal Schedule by the end of the week!

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  1. i think i'm gonna come, i'll let you know forsure asap though. (:

    Hailey Nosack.