Monday, January 12, 2009


Our First competition is coming up next month. therefore, we need to have Dress Rehearsal and space. Each team will have the whole studio so that we can space out and they can feel comfortable. Also to be sure that everyone has exactly what they need for comp and that their hair is correct! I will post Hairdo's when we get closer to the date as well as pics. Please refer to previouse post for tights and shoes color!

Here are the dates for Dress rehearsal please advise this is a mandatory practice like all of them and it is very crucial that everyone is there!

Saturday February 21st:
10:00=Sweet n Sassy
10:45= Pewees
Tuesday February 24th: Jr. and Sr. Elite will not have Technique class on this day!
5:00= Minis
6:00= Jr. Elite
7:00= Sr. Elite

Thursday February 26th: There will be no ballet class on this day!
4:00= Expressions
5:00= Extreme
6:00= stars
7:00= celebration
8:00= Energy

Please everyone come ready in Lyrical Costumes and bring your Jazz costume!


  1. How many girls from sweet n sassy going to Disneyland?

  2. umm I dont have a final count right now but I should by next week!!

  3. We are new to team comp so... on make-up do we need specific colors - l'oreal lipstick 592, black mascara and cover girl eye shadow, etc.? Do we need hairpieces?

  4. Hair does have to be specific and I will post that as soon as we figure out how we want each teams hair. Makeup does not have to be specific. Just mascara, Blush, and lipstick. We still want them to be sweet little girls but if we dont have color on them the lights will wash them out! Good question