Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Disneyland Performance Cancelled!

Disneyland called back today and said they have made some very strict policies this year. They said they would love to have our older Teams come and perform but that they are not allowing children under the age of 7 to perform this year. I told them that we had 5 and 6 yr olds perform last year and they did great! Sorry I couldn't budge them, they said things may change for next year again. Due to this and with the economy down and people having to back out, We do not have the required amount of dancers able to perform. I am so sorry that we have to cancel for this year but we will definitely try to go again next year. I am sorry for any inconvience and I am hopeful that there will be enough interest in spring 2011.
Last year was such a great experience and I am so sad not to go this year but it is in my full intent to make this an option next year. So save your pennies!!!

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