Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Solo Competitions!

I need to register for solo competitions before friday, which means I need a list of what competitions you want to attend and payment by Thursday! A few girls have decided to do the Spanish Fork solo competition. They have changed the competition to April 23rd (The week after our Northridge competition). We are not doing teams there this year because originally it was during our spring break. This competition is $60 if registered and paid by friday. Here is a list of girls and what level and genre they are competing if it is wrong please let me know!
Ella Mini amateur jazz
Delilah Jr. Amateur Jazz
Megan Jr. Amateur open
Allison Jr. Amateur Jazz
Rylee Jr. Amateur Lyrical
Dylainy Jr. Amateur-intermediate jazz
Tylar Jr. Amateur Lyrical
Brittney Jr. Amateur/intermediate Lyrical
Haylee Jr. Intermediate lyrical
Haylee Jr. Intermediate Tap
Mckenna Teen Intermediate Lyrical
Taylor Teen amateur Intermediate Lyrical
Katie Teen amateur Intermediate Hip hop??
Cristen Teen amateur Intermediate jazz??

Thank You!

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  1. Is anyone planning on doing Champion Nationals on May 21? I can't do Spanish Fork, but would love to squeeze another competition in.