Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Point estimated competition Lineup!

Here is an estimated lineup of what time the teams may compete. Times will more than likely change between 1 -3 hours. 10 days before the competition , more specific times will be posted as well as arrival times!

Friday, Feb. 26
Intermediate Solos. 5:00 pm-Mckenna
Beg.* 7:00 pm-Brittney, Lainey

Saturday, Feb 27
Estimated start.** 8:30 am
Solos=Delilah, Megan, Isabella, Jasmine, Rylee, Tylar
Teams=sweet n sassy, Pewees, Minis, Dynamite, Expressions
Estimated start.** 12:00 p
Teams=Extreme, Excite, Celebration, diamonds, stars, energy
Estimated start**. 4:00 pm
Teams=Jr. Elite, Sr. Elite, Ultimate