Friday, January 29, 2010

Attention Expressions Team!!

After trying on the jazz uniforms yesterday, We realized the costume will look a lot better with Black Gore Shoes instead of Tan Gore shoes! Sorry But I think this is a change that needs to be made. If you just purchased Tan ones from me please bring them back and I will get you black ones instead!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Point estimated competition Lineup!

Here is an estimated lineup of what time the teams may compete. Times will more than likely change between 1 -3 hours. 10 days before the competition , more specific times will be posted as well as arrival times!

Friday, Feb. 26
Intermediate Solos. 5:00 pm-Mckenna
Beg.* 7:00 pm-Brittney, Lainey

Saturday, Feb 27
Estimated start.** 8:30 am
Solos=Delilah, Megan, Isabella, Jasmine, Rylee, Tylar
Teams=sweet n sassy, Pewees, Minis, Dynamite, Expressions
Estimated start.** 12:00 p
Teams=Extreme, Excite, Celebration, diamonds, stars, energy
Estimated start**. 4:00 pm
Teams=Jr. Elite, Sr. Elite, Ultimate

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Disneyland Performance Cancelled!

Disneyland called back today and said they have made some very strict policies this year. They said they would love to have our older Teams come and perform but that they are not allowing children under the age of 7 to perform this year. I told them that we had 5 and 6 yr olds perform last year and they did great! Sorry I couldn't budge them, they said things may change for next year again. Due to this and with the economy down and people having to back out, We do not have the required amount of dancers able to perform. I am so sorry that we have to cancel for this year but we will definitely try to go again next year. I am sorry for any inconvience and I am hopeful that there will be enough interest in spring 2011.
Last year was such a great experience and I am so sad not to go this year but it is in my full intent to make this an option next year. So save your pennies!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ultimate Dance Etc. Facebook page!

We are now on Facebook! find us and become a fan!

Shoes and tights for competition teams!

Sweet n Sassy- White tights, Pink ballet shoes, Black Jazz gore shoes
pewees-White Tights, Tan Revolution tights, pink ballet shoes, tan revolution gore shoes
Minis-white revolution convertable tights, Tan Revolution tights, tan revolution gore shoes
Diamonds-White revolution convertable tights, Tan revolution tights, tan revolution gore shoes
dynamite-Tan revolution stirrup tights, Tan revolution gore shoes
Extreme-White revolution convertable tights, Tan Revolution tights tan revolution gore shoes
Celebration-Tan Stirrup revolution tights, Tan revolution gore shoes
Excite-Tan Stirrup revolution tights, nude foot undees, Tan revolution gore shoes
Stars-Tan sitrrup revolution tights, nude foot undees
Expressions-Tan stirrup revolution tights, tan revolution gore shoes
Energy-Tan stirrup revolution tights, Tan revolution gore shoes
Sr. Elite- Tan stirrup revolution tights, Tan revolution gore shoes, nude foot undees
Ultimate co. Tan stirrup revolution tights, nude foot undees........gore shoes TBA
Jr. Elite-Tan Stirrup revolution tights, nude foot undees
If you need any of these please put an order in the office ASAP!
Tights-$7Gore Shoes-$20Foot undeees-$18

Friday, January 15, 2010


Ok I got a call from Disneyland Yesterday that our Audition was approved and that we will be able to perform in Disneyland. I know some of you have decided you can't go and some others have decided that they do want to go now. I need a for sure list of who is going to go so that I can make sure we have enough. Please let me know this next week! We have to have at least 25 performers to be able to perform. Here are the prices for tickets this year. This is a park hopper price and all performers must purchase at least a 1 day ticket. This includes the performance, entrance to the park and a Disneyland shirt.

These prices are also good for family and friends too they just dont get to perform or get a T-Shirt!
We will most likely be Performing on April 7th! This is not 100% confirmed.
Please confirm that you are going or not going in the office. Again, if we do not have at least 25 they will not let us perform! This is a very fun stress free experience and if you can make it work I would encourage you to go!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Solo Competitions!

I need to register for solo competitions before friday, which means I need a list of what competitions you want to attend and payment by Thursday! A few girls have decided to do the Spanish Fork solo competition. They have changed the competition to April 23rd (The week after our Northridge competition). We are not doing teams there this year because originally it was during our spring break. This competition is $60 if registered and paid by friday. Here is a list of girls and what level and genre they are competing if it is wrong please let me know!
Ella Mini amateur jazz
Delilah Jr. Amateur Jazz
Megan Jr. Amateur open
Allison Jr. Amateur Jazz
Rylee Jr. Amateur Lyrical
Dylainy Jr. Amateur-intermediate jazz
Tylar Jr. Amateur Lyrical
Brittney Jr. Amateur/intermediate Lyrical
Haylee Jr. Intermediate lyrical
Haylee Jr. Intermediate Tap
Mckenna Teen Intermediate Lyrical
Taylor Teen amateur Intermediate Lyrical
Katie Teen amateur Intermediate Hip hop??
Cristen Teen amateur Intermediate jazz??

Thank You!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Solo Practice cancelled

Sorry for the inconvienence but solo practice is cancelled friday and saturday. My boy has scarlet fever and strep!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Competition Solo Fees

For those of you who are competing solos.......Solo Fees are due by January 15th after that date there are late fees. Here is the break down:
Thanksgiving point $65-America onstage
Spring Fling $60-Dance America
St. George $60-Champions
Northridge $ 60-Champions
Nationals $75-America onstage at lagoon
please give fees to the front office along with a written paper of what competitions you will be attending!