Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mandatory Dress Rehearsal! How should my hair be?

We have Dress Rehearsal coming up these next two weeks. Please remember this is Mandatory not optional. Everyone must be there so that we can space the dances and make sure that everyone has proper dance attire and hair styles. It is very Crucial to be there! Please remember dress rehearsal means come as if you were ready to perform. Hair, tights, shoes, costume. Please come ready in your Jazz costume and then you will change into your lyrical costume.
Here is how your hair should be:
Sweet n Sassy, Pewees, Minis, Diamonds-Curly Bun
Dynamites-Twist on top into low piggy tails for Jazz and twist on top into low ponytail for lyrical (curly)
Stars, Excite, Celebration, extreme, expressions-Twist on top into low curly ponytail
Energy, Jr. Elite, Sr.Elite, Ultimate co.- Braid on right side into ponytail
Please make sure that there are no fly aways and that hairstyle is tight and slick. Absolutely no bangs!
Also it is very crucial that everyone wears Mascara, blush, and lipstick for competition so that they are not wipedout by the lights.
Here are the times and Days for Dress Rehearsal in case you forgot. Please dont be late! If you are on saturday please come 5 minutes early to stretch on your own.
Saturday February 20th at the dance studio
8:00 Sweet n Sassy 10:00 Extreme
8:30 Pewees 10:30 Dynamite
9:00 Diamonds 11:00 Excite
9:30 Minis 11:30 Stars
Tuesday February 23rd (There will be no Technique this day)
5:00 Sr. Elite
6:00 Ultimate Company
7:00 Jr. Elite
8:00 Energy
Thursday February 25th (There will be no Ballet this day for competition teams)
5:00 Celebration
6:00 Expressions
Dress Rehearsal for solos is on Friday February 26th sign up by the office


  1. Hey Misty is there a time I can sit down and talk to you about somethings. Please let me know. thanks

  2. Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.............................................