Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thanksgiving point results!

I am so Proud of all of the girls! Everyone did such a great job! I always say our first competition is our "practice" competition, but most of my teams did better than I expected for the first competiton of the season. There were a lot of really competitive dance studios there that go 3 x's as many hours as any of our dancers and we were right there with them if not dominating them. Here are the results!
Brittney- 1st
Cristen- 1st
Mckenna- High gold 1st
sweet n Sassy- Dog pound 2nd, somewhere over the rainbow 2nd
Pewees- stupid cupid 2nd, Let them be little 1st and overall high point
Minis-Its a jungle 3 rd, Ordinary miracle 1st and Overall High Point
Dynamite- Wild West 2nd, You raise me up 2nd
Diamonds-Think 1st, I'll Try 1st
extreme- Say hey 3rd, Only hope 1st
celebration-Jailhouse rock 2nd, Softly unspoken 2nd
Excite-Route 66 2nd, Breathe 2nd
Stars-Dance with me 2nd, The climb 1st
Expression- Head crazy 1st, Where I stood 1st
Energy-Raining Men 2nd, Say your not sorry 3rd
Jr. Elite- Walk away 1st place High Gold, Battle field 2nd
Sr. elite-Toxic 2nd, Fly 2nd
Ultimate-Do you thang 2nd, Hometown glory 2nd
We also Wond Best OVerall Dance Studio in both Novice an Beginning Categories!!!
Thanks you so much to the Moms that got your dancers there on time and made them look so good and the team moms who took charge and had the teams ready to perform. I couldnt do this without you!

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