Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Point Final Line up!

Friday Feb 26thsolos-please be there 1 hour early so that you can warmup and be ready. Sometimes they are ahead of schedule. This is your performance time!
Dylainy - 2:54
Brittney - 3:57
Taylor- 4:06
Cristen- 7:23
Haylee - 7:58
Saturday Feb 27th solos
Ella- 11:46
Delilah -11:49
Jasmine- 11:49
Megan- 12:20
Rylee - 12:47
Tylar - 12:53
Satuday Feb 27th
Diamonds-Be there @ 7:15Think 8:03I'll Try 9:51
Celebration-Be there @ 7:15Jailhouse Rock 8:15Softly Unspoken 10:04
Excite-Be there @7:15Route 66 8:15Breathe 10:04
****If you are on Both Excite and Celebration Please come in route 66 costume first
Extreme- Be there @ 7:15Say Hey 8:15only hope 10:04
Stars- Be there @ 7:15Dance with me 8:15The Climb 10:04
Energy-Be there @ 7:45It's Raining men 8:43 Your not sorry 10:25
Sweet n Sassy-Be there @ 12:30Dog pound 1:37Somewhere over the Rainbow 3:47
Pewees- Be there @ 12:30Stupid Cupid 1:37Let them be little 3:47
Minis- Be there @ 1:00jungle out there 2:05Ordinary Miracle 4:01
Dynamite-Be There @ 2:15wild West 3:12You raise me up 4:01
Expressions-Be There @ 2:30Head Crazy 3:23Where I stood 4:10
Jr. Elite- Be there @ 4:00Walk Away4:53Battlefield 6:44
Sr. Elite- Be there @ 4:00Toxic 5:08Fly 7:02
Ultimate Co- Be there @ 4:30Do your Thang 5:30Hometown Glory 7:29
Overall Awards
12:10-Energy, Diamonds, Stars, Extreme, Excite, and Celebration
5:45- sweet n sassy, pewees, minis, Dynamite, and Expressions
9:15- Jr. Elite, Sr. Elite, Ultimate Co
Here are the Final Line ups for Thanksgiving Point! If you have any questions please Comment!
Don't forget Dress Rehearsals!


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