Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thankgiving Point Updated Competition schedule

Here are some updated times for the Thanksgiving point! Please remember that times can change within 2 hours either way.I have decided since Extreme, and Celebration have been doing so well this year I was going to push them and have them compete at a higher level then they were originally going to compete. Congrats Girls!
I will have more specific times for each team on Friday February 19th. For now just plan on sometime around these given times!
Friday February 26th
1:00 Doors open
2:00 Beginning solos - Dylainy, Taylor, and Brittney
5:00 Intermediate solos - Haylee, Mckenna and Cristen
Saturday, February 27th
7:30 Doors Open
8:00 Beginning Teams - Diamonds, Extreme, Celebration, Stars, Excite, Energy
11:00 Novice solos-Ella, Jasmine, Delilah, Megan, Tylar, and Rylee
1:00 Novice Teams- Sweet n Sassy, pewees, minis, Dynamite, and Expressions
4:00 Intermediate Teams-Jr. Elite, Sr. Elite, Ultimate Co.
Admission to this competition is FREE! But please except a huge crowd for the competition has a completely full registration! This should be FUN!!!

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