Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thank you!

Hey Everyone I just wanted to relay a few comments that were given to me at the dance competition this last week. I had the director of the Competion, a staff at the competition and a director from another studio all come up to me at different times. They each told me about the same thing. They said they were so impressed with our studio. Not only how professional and what great dancers we have, but at how "Nice" and "Well behaved" all of the girls are. I told them I am pleased to hear that because I wouldnt have it another way. I also told them that it is because they have such great parents that teach them to be "Nice". I really am blessed to have such great dancers and families as a part of my studio. Thank you for teaching your kids how to be such great people!

Thanksgiving point results!

I am so Proud of all of the girls! Everyone did such a great job! I always say our first competition is our "practice" competition, but most of my teams did better than I expected for the first competiton of the season. There were a lot of really competitive dance studios there that go 3 x's as many hours as any of our dancers and we were right there with them if not dominating them. Here are the results!
Brittney- 1st
Cristen- 1st
Mckenna- High gold 1st
sweet n Sassy- Dog pound 2nd, somewhere over the rainbow 2nd
Pewees- stupid cupid 2nd, Let them be little 1st and overall high point
Minis-Its a jungle 3 rd, Ordinary miracle 1st and Overall High Point
Dynamite- Wild West 2nd, You raise me up 2nd
Diamonds-Think 1st, I'll Try 1st
extreme- Say hey 3rd, Only hope 1st
celebration-Jailhouse rock 2nd, Softly unspoken 2nd
Excite-Route 66 2nd, Breathe 2nd
Stars-Dance with me 2nd, The climb 1st
Expression- Head crazy 1st, Where I stood 1st
Energy-Raining Men 2nd, Say your not sorry 3rd
Jr. Elite- Walk away 1st place High Gold, Battle field 2nd
Sr. elite-Toxic 2nd, Fly 2nd
Ultimate-Do you thang 2nd, Hometown glory 2nd
We also Wond Best OVerall Dance Studio in both Novice an Beginning Categories!!!
Thanks you so much to the Moms that got your dancers there on time and made them look so good and the team moms who took charge and had the teams ready to perform. I couldnt do this without you!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thanksgiving point competition!

Hey Parents! If you want to print out a lineup of the competition this weekend, go to click on Thanksgiving point, click on schedule, click on dance! Also for the teams that have the braid in their hair I was wrong! Sorry! its parted on the right, braided to the left!
Please remember this will be the only competition with no admission fee, so bring whoever you want!
For those who are meeting me at 7:15 try to save spots in the upper corner on the stairs in the back of the barn where we usually sit! I imagine it is going to be a zoo there like it was last year! please have the girls pack their bags with costumes, shoes, tights, etc. the night before so that there isnt chaos in the morning to add to the stress of getting ready and being nervous! I am excited for this weekend! Thanks for everything you do!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Point Final Line up!

Friday Feb 26thsolos-please be there 1 hour early so that you can warmup and be ready. Sometimes they are ahead of schedule. This is your performance time!
Dylainy - 2:54
Brittney - 3:57
Taylor- 4:06
Cristen- 7:23
Haylee - 7:58
Saturday Feb 27th solos
Ella- 11:46
Delilah -11:49
Jasmine- 11:49
Megan- 12:20
Rylee - 12:47
Tylar - 12:53
Satuday Feb 27th
Diamonds-Be there @ 7:15Think 8:03I'll Try 9:51
Celebration-Be there @ 7:15Jailhouse Rock 8:15Softly Unspoken 10:04
Excite-Be there @7:15Route 66 8:15Breathe 10:04
****If you are on Both Excite and Celebration Please come in route 66 costume first
Extreme- Be there @ 7:15Say Hey 8:15only hope 10:04
Stars- Be there @ 7:15Dance with me 8:15The Climb 10:04
Energy-Be there @ 7:45It's Raining men 8:43 Your not sorry 10:25
Sweet n Sassy-Be there @ 12:30Dog pound 1:37Somewhere over the Rainbow 3:47
Pewees- Be there @ 12:30Stupid Cupid 1:37Let them be little 3:47
Minis- Be there @ 1:00jungle out there 2:05Ordinary Miracle 4:01
Dynamite-Be There @ 2:15wild West 3:12You raise me up 4:01
Expressions-Be There @ 2:30Head Crazy 3:23Where I stood 4:10
Jr. Elite- Be there @ 4:00Walk Away4:53Battlefield 6:44
Sr. Elite- Be there @ 4:00Toxic 5:08Fly 7:02
Ultimate Co- Be there @ 4:30Do your Thang 5:30Hometown Glory 7:29
Overall Awards
12:10-Energy, Diamonds, Stars, Extreme, Excite, and Celebration
5:45- sweet n sassy, pewees, minis, Dynamite, and Expressions
9:15- Jr. Elite, Sr. Elite, Ultimate Co
Here are the Final Line ups for Thanksgiving Point! If you have any questions please Comment!
Don't forget Dress Rehearsals!

Attention all Minis!

If you have a wide strap black tank Leotard, please wear it to dress rehearsal on saturday! Spread the word!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mandatory Dress Rehearsal! How should my hair be?

We have Dress Rehearsal coming up these next two weeks. Please remember this is Mandatory not optional. Everyone must be there so that we can space the dances and make sure that everyone has proper dance attire and hair styles. It is very Crucial to be there! Please remember dress rehearsal means come as if you were ready to perform. Hair, tights, shoes, costume. Please come ready in your Jazz costume and then you will change into your lyrical costume.
Here is how your hair should be:
Sweet n Sassy, Pewees, Minis, Diamonds-Curly Bun
Dynamites-Twist on top into low piggy tails for Jazz and twist on top into low ponytail for lyrical (curly)
Stars, Excite, Celebration, extreme, expressions-Twist on top into low curly ponytail
Energy, Jr. Elite, Sr.Elite, Ultimate co.- Braid on right side into ponytail
Please make sure that there are no fly aways and that hairstyle is tight and slick. Absolutely no bangs!
Also it is very crucial that everyone wears Mascara, blush, and lipstick for competition so that they are not wipedout by the lights.
Here are the times and Days for Dress Rehearsal in case you forgot. Please dont be late! If you are on saturday please come 5 minutes early to stretch on your own.
Saturday February 20th at the dance studio
8:00 Sweet n Sassy 10:00 Extreme
8:30 Pewees 10:30 Dynamite
9:00 Diamonds 11:00 Excite
9:30 Minis 11:30 Stars
Tuesday February 23rd (There will be no Technique this day)
5:00 Sr. Elite
6:00 Ultimate Company
7:00 Jr. Elite
8:00 Energy
Thursday February 25th (There will be no Ballet this day for competition teams)
5:00 Celebration
6:00 Expressions
Dress Rehearsal for solos is on Friday February 26th sign up by the office

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thankgiving Point Updated Competition schedule

Here are some updated times for the Thanksgiving point! Please remember that times can change within 2 hours either way.I have decided since Extreme, and Celebration have been doing so well this year I was going to push them and have them compete at a higher level then they were originally going to compete. Congrats Girls!
I will have more specific times for each team on Friday February 19th. For now just plan on sometime around these given times!
Friday February 26th
1:00 Doors open
2:00 Beginning solos - Dylainy, Taylor, and Brittney
5:00 Intermediate solos - Haylee, Mckenna and Cristen
Saturday, February 27th
7:30 Doors Open
8:00 Beginning Teams - Diamonds, Extreme, Celebration, Stars, Excite, Energy
11:00 Novice solos-Ella, Jasmine, Delilah, Megan, Tylar, and Rylee
1:00 Novice Teams- Sweet n Sassy, pewees, minis, Dynamite, and Expressions
4:00 Intermediate Teams-Jr. Elite, Sr. Elite, Ultimate Co.
Admission to this competition is FREE! But please except a huge crowd for the competition has a completely full registration! This should be FUN!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

February team newsletter

Competition Team February Newsletter
It’s Competition Time!
Wow! I can’t believe it is competition time already! I am more than excited for our first competition. The girls have been working so hard for this all year! Our first competition is on February 27th at Thanksgiving point! We have a lot of new competitors this year, please talk with them often about the competition and what goes on so that they will be prepared. Thanksgiving point is not charging admission at the door this year! YAY! So you can bring whoever you want. Please remember our first competition we call our “practice Competition” because this is the competition where the girls get all of their nerves out and we see what works and doesn’t work with the dances. This is usually our not the best performance for the teams but one to get them into the groove with the Competitions! Although, we usually still do pretty good!
I usually do not get lineups until the week before, but I will post them as soon as I receive them!
The next competition is on March 20th @Timpview and March 27th @ St. George. Please remember all competitions are Mandatory!!!!!
If you have not got your room for St. George call now because there are two different dance competitions and lots of conventions there that weekend. I called La Quinta last week and they only have 9 rooms left!!!

All of the costumes have been ordered and some have already arrived! I will be sending them home with those who have paid all of their costume, competition, and tuition fees! I will have them try them on during class to make sure they fit like I want them to. Please do not let the dancers play dress up in their costumes for we want them to be in tip top shape for performances. Please put them in a safe place for I will not be able to order another one if you are missing a part of your costume.

Expressions Team
After trying on jazz costumes I think it is very important that the expressions team has black Gore shoes instead of Tan. If you just bought some from me I will exchange them!
Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience

Mandatory Dress Rehearsal
Please mark your calendar for these rehearsal dates. It is critical that everybody is there so that we can use the whole dance studio and space the dances as if they were on a stage! Parents may attend if they would like. Parents are encouraged to come for the younger dancers so that they will have help to change their costumes. Dress rehearsal means full costume including hair, make up, tights, shoes etc. Please come in your Jazz costume first.

Saturday February 20th at the dance studio
8:00 Sweet n Sassy 10:00 Extreme
8:30 Pewees 10:30 Dynamite
9:00 Diamonds 11:00 Excite
9:30 Minis 11:30 Stars
Tuesday February 23rd (There will be no Technique this day)
5:00 Sr. Elite
6:00 Ultimate Company
7:00 Jr. Elite
8:00 Energy
Thursday February 25th (There will be no Ballet this day for competition teams)
5:00 Celebration
6:00 Expressions
Dress Rehearsal for solos is on Friday February 26th talk to Misty!
We are now on Facebook! So become a fan and get updates! Also – I will not send home lineup times I will post them on facebook or the blog!